Vitamix 1709 CIA Professional Series

You know you’ve produced a pretty high level kitchen appliance when one of the most powerful and prestigious culinary schools found anywhere in the world not only backs you 100%, but also works in close collaboration with you to elevate and innovate your already amazing products – and that’s just what has happened here with the Vitamix CIA Professional Series.

Vitamix 1709 CIA Professional Series
Vitamix 1709 CIA Professional Series

Chosen as the only line of blenders that the Culinary Institute of America trusts with their students, if you’re serious about cooking – even in a home setting – then this is the type of machine you need. Built and constructed from only the highest quality materials with the latest and greatest tools and technologies – including a commercial level, restaurant grade powerful 2 horsepower motor that can blend just about anything you throw at it. Combine that build quality level with a 64 ounce capacity with the ability to chop, dice, mince, blend, puree, juice and grind just about anything under the sun and you’ve got the Vitamix CIA Professional Series.

When your major responsibility is to prepare the next generation of world class chefs, you need the tools that are going to get the job done perfectly each and every time – and though Vitamix had already established themselves as a major player in the blender world before this collaboration, things got measurable better when CIA came aboard. Insisting on a precision laser cut one piece blade (easier to maintain and structurally more stable), an incredibly high level and powerful motor that propels the blade at speeds upwards of 230 miles an hour, as well as BPA free shatter proof containers all packaged into an attractive and sanitary stainless steel body, the Vitamix CIA Professional Series is not your regular blender. While it may be considered overkill for some home kitchens, if you are looking to unlock the flavor of your foods or desire a tool that will literally never let you down, this is the best blender for you.

Final Rating

Usability: 8/10 Because it is designed as a chef’s greatest asset in the kitchen, the Vitamix CIA Professional Series has a bit of a learning curve and none of the “easy touch” features that some products offer at this price point.

Power: 10/10 Unmatched power – and not just because of the motors amazing capabilities, but also because everything from the internals of the engine to the blade that is being driven was designed to work seamlessly.

Value for the money: 9/10 More expensive than most, there is a select group of people that will be able to leverage the power this machine offers. But if you’re in the market for a tool like this, the price and value cannot be beat.

Build quality: 10/10 Designed and constructed to be the chef’s right hand throughout his or her career – built to last a lifetime.

Warranty: 7 years

Overall: 9/ 10

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